3 Reasons to Install Storm Shutters in Brevard County: Enhancing Protection with Lafferty Aluminum & Screening

Brevard County, nestled along the eastern coast of Florida, is no stranger to the potential impact of tropical storms and hurricanes. As a homeowner in this region, safeguarding your property against the forces of nature becomes a paramount concern. One effective and practical solution is the installation of storm shutters. In this blog post, Lafferty Aluminum & Screening explores three compelling reasons why residents in Brevard County should consider investing in storm shutters to enhance protection, peace of mind, and the overall resilience of their homes.

1. Unmatched Storm Protection

Brevard County is susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes, with the Atlantic hurricane season presenting a recurring threat. The installation of storm shutters is a proactive measure that provides unmatched protection against the elements. Here's how storm shutters contribute to safeguarding your home:

Impact Resistance:

Storm shutters are designed to withstand the impact of high-speed winds and airborne debris, common occurrences during severe storms. Their robust construction and materials create a protective barrier, preventing damage to windows and doors. This impact resistance is particularly crucial in areas prone to hurricanes, where wind-borne debris poses a significant risk to property.

Window and Door Protection:

Windows and doors are vulnerable points in a home during storms. High winds can exert immense pressure, leading to shattered glass and potential breaches. Storm shutters act as a shield, fortifying these vulnerable areas and preventing wind-driven rain and debris from infiltrating the interior. By securing windows and doors, storm shutters contribute to the structural integrity of the home.

Reduction of Water Damage:

Tropical storms often bring heavy rainfall, and the combination of wind-driven rain and potential breaches in windows or doors can result in water damage. Storm shutters serve as a barrier against water infiltration, reducing the risk of interior flooding and water-related issues. This protection is especially vital in low-lying coastal areas where flooding is a concern.

2. Preserving Aesthetics with Various Shutter Styles

One common concern among homeowners considering storm shutters is the impact on the aesthetic appeal of their homes. However, modern storm shutters come in a variety of styles and designs, allowing homeowners to preserve the visual charm of their properties while benefiting from enhanced protection. Here are some popular storm shutter styles that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics:

Roll Down Shutters:

Roll down shutters offer a sleek and unobtrusive design. Installed above windows and doors, these shutters can be easily rolled down when needed. Their discreet profile ensures that the architectural beauty of the home remains intact while providing quick and effective storm protection.

Accordion Shutters:

Accordion shutters are versatile and visually appealing. They fold neatly to the sides of windows and doors when not in use, allowing for an unobstructed view. When deployed, accordion shutters create a strong barrier against storms while adding a touch of sophistication to the home's exterior.

Bahama Shutters:

Bahama shutters are known for their tropical charm and functionality. Hinged at the top and propped open at an angle, Bahama shutters not only provide storm protection but also offer shade and ventilation. Their aesthetic appeal adds a distinctive touch to homes, especially those with a coastal or Floridian architectural style.

Colonial Shutters:

Colonial shutters, with their classic and timeless design, are a popular choice for homeowners seeking both style and storm protection. These shutters feature louvered slats and can be easily closed to provide a protective barrier during storms. When open, they contribute to the traditional charm of colonial-style homes.

3. Enhancing Home Value and Resale Appeal

Investing in storm shutters goes beyond immediate storm protection; it also adds value to your home and enhances its resale appeal. Potential buyers in Brevard County, familiar with the region's vulnerability to tropical storms, often prioritize properties equipped with storm protection features. Here's how storm shutters contribute to the overall value of your home:

Marketability and Desirability:

Homes with storm shutters are inherently more marketable and desirable, especially in coastal areas prone to hurricanes. Prospective buyers recognize the practical benefits of storm protection and are more likely to view homes with installed shutters as secure and resilient.

Insurance Premium Reduction:

Many insurance providers recognize the added protection offered by storm shutters and may offer reduced premiums for homes equipped with such features. Homeowners can enjoy potential cost savings on insurance, making the investment in storm shutters financially advantageous over the long term.

Peace of Mind for Buyers:

The presence of storm shutters provides peace of mind to potential buyers, reassuring them that the home is well-prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes. This sense of security can be a decisive factor in the purchasing decision, contributing to a faster and smoother home sale process.

Increased Home Value:

The installation of storm shutters contributes to the overall resilience and value of your home. It is viewed as a proactive measure that not only protects the property but also enhances its durability and longevity. This increased value is reflected in the home's appraised and market value.

In Brevard County, where tropical storms and hurricanes are a recurring reality, the installation of storm shutters is a strategic and invaluable investment. Lafferty Aluminum & Screening understands the unique needs of homeowners in this coastal region and offers a range of storm shutter options that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. From ensuring unmatched storm protection to preserving the visual charm of your home and enhancing its overall value, storm shutters stand as a cornerstone of preparedness and resilience. Contact Lafferty Aluminum & Screening today to explore the possibilities of storm shutters tailored to your home, providing peace of mind and protection against the forces of nature.

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