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Screen Enclosures in Melbourne, FL.
Key Benefits

Make This Valuable Screen Enclosure Addition to Your Home and Unlock a World of Benefits!

Pool Screen Enclosure in Melbourne, FL.

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Elevate your outdoor living in Melbourne, Florida, with Lafferty Aluminum and Screening's premium screen enclosures. Unveil a harmonious blend of comfort and protection against the Florida elements. Whether it's lounging by your pool, hosting gatherings with loved ones, or savoring the serenity of your backyard, an outdoor screen enclosure is your ideal solution.

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Tailored Designs for Lasting Enjoyment

Crafting bespoke outdoor enclosures is our specialty at Lafferty Aluminum and Screening. Our skilled team collaborates with you to fashion an enclosure tailored to your aspirations. Using top-notch materials and advanced techniques, our installations guarantee durability and aesthetics, ensuring enduring joy in your outdoor haven.

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Embrace Seamless Living

Lafferty Aluminum and Screening offers premier screen enclosures in Melbourne, Florida, and surrounding areas. Our seasoned experts are primed to transform your outdoor space, creating an oasis that transcends boundaries. Work with our team of experts now to take the first step toward your dream outdoor retreat.

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Guard Your Sanctuary from Intrusions

Shield your outdoor sanctum with our screen enclosure installation services. Bid farewell to bothersome insects and uninvited wildlife. Our enclosures keep the nuisances at bay, granting you peace of mind during moments of relaxation and outdoor leisure.

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Preserve Your Home's Aesthetics

Let your property's charm shine through with outdoor screen enclosures from Lafferty Aluminum and Screening. Seamless delight in your garden, pool, and backyard enhances your living area,  without disturbing your home’s aesthetics. Elevate your home's allure while adding tangible value, whether you're enhancing your own comfort or preparing to sell.

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Unburden Your Outdoor Cleaning Routine

Embrace a worry-free outdoor living experience through a thoughtfully positioned screen enclosure installation in your home. Adding a screen enclosure to any patio reduces maintenance obligations and helps you to enjoy the patio without the need for constant cleaning.

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Unveil Year-Round Tranquility

Experience the great outdoors year-round, free from harsh weather, insects, and harmful UV rays. Our screen enclosures offer more than just protection; they provide a serene retreat where you can bask in comfort, read, converse, or simply unwind while enjoying the surrounding beauty.

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Boost Your Property's Value

Invest wisely in your property by choosing the perfect screen enclosure installation for your home needs. Elevate your home's market worth with sought-after benefits such as pest protection, aesthetic appeal, safety, easy upkeep, and continual comfort. A standout feature like an outdoor screen enclosure can be the edge you need when the time comes to sell.

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Design Your Outdoor Bliss

Transform your outdoor living with a screen enclosure installation in Melbourne, Florida. Lafferty Aluminum and Screening opens doors to a world of boundless enjoyment, shielding you from the elements while fostering unhindered relaxation. Contact us today to embark on your journey to an enhanced outdoor lifestyle.

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Customized Aluminum Screen Enclosure Options

Create a comfortable space to enjoy outdoor activities while keeping pests and harsh weather at bay!

Screen Enclosure Features

Screen Walls

Screen Walls feature offers a versatile and refreshing addition to any living space by integrating durable aluminum framing, commonly available in sizes like 1" x 2" or 2" x 2", along with a high-quality Screen Mesh secured in place using rubber spline. This combination not only provides an effective barrier against insects and debris, allowing for uninterrupted outdoor experiences but also ensures longevity and low maintenance, creating an inviting environment where occupants can savor the benefits of the outdoors while staying comfortable and protected within their screen room.

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Chair Rail

The Chair Rail is a 2" x 2" aluminum railing positioned at approximately waist height (typically 30" - 36"), elegantly dividing the upper and lower screen panels of the room. This addition not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provides a functional element for hanging plants, decor, or accessories while maintaining an open and airy ambiance. The Chair Rail strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and utility, creating a distinctive and organized atmosphere within the screen room.

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The Kickplate feature, available in either 16" or 24" metal plating at the bottom of the enclosure, offers both a practical and aesthetic advantage to the screen room. When integrated, the chair rail is adjusted to align with the height of the kickplate, creating a seamless and cohesive design. This not only adds a layer of protection against potential damage but also contributes to a unified appearance, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the screen room while ensuring enhanced durability.

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Screen Door

The Screen Door feature, boasting a standard 26" x 80" opening accompanied by a 10" kickplate, serves as a convenient and inviting entry point to the screen room. Moreover, should you choose a 16" or 24" Kickplate option, the door elegantly integrates a matching kickplate, not only ensuring a harmonious design but also delivering enhanced durability and protection against wear and tear. This Screen Door configuration merges form and function seamlessly, providing easy access while maintaining the overall aesthetic integrity of the space.

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Pet Door

Explore our range of Pet Doors designed exclusively for screen enclosures. Available in Small, Medium, or Large sizes, these doors provide a custom solution for pet owners, allowing their beloved pets to enter and exit with ease. Equipped with lockable latches, this feature guarantees control over access, giving pets the liberty to enjoy the outdoors while enabling owners to maintain security.

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Standard 18 x 14 Mesh

Experience the benefits of our Standard 18 x 14 Mesh - Vinyl coated fiberglass screen. With openings identical to those found in sliding screen doors and window screens, this mesh effectively safeguards against unwanted intruders such as lizards, frogs, flies, and mosquitoes. Enjoy unobstructed fresh air while maintaining a pest-free environment within your screened space.

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20 x 20 No-See-Um Mesh

Embrace the advantages of our 20 x 20 No-See-Um Mesh, meticulously designed with finer openings to create an effective barrier against tiny nuisances such as gnats and no-see-ums. This specialized mesh ensures that your screen room remains a haven of comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors without the intrusion of bothersome insects.

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Strengthen your screen enclosure with the durability of Tuffscreen - a vinyl-coated polyester screen designed for resilience. Ideal for larger panels and picture windows, this screen type brings enhanced strength to your space. Available in both 18 x 14 and 20 x 20 options, Tuffscreen ensures lasting protection against wear and tear, offering peace of mind while maintaining an unobstructed view and fresh airflow.

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Pet Screen

Discover the ultimate durability with our Pet Screen, meticulously crafted from thick vinyl-coated polyester. Designed to withstand the rigors of pet interactions and everyday use, this screen type ensures longevity and resilience. Choose Pet Screen for a worry-free solution that stands up to the demands of active households while maintaining your outdoor views.

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Florida Glass

Enhance the privacy and protection of your screen enclosure with Florida Glass, a specialized screen type featuring a standard 18 x 14 mesh with a laminate coating. This unique combination not only blocks out water and offers weather resistance but also shields your space from prying eyes, ensuring a secluded and comfortable environment. Choose Florida Glass for a perfect blend of utility and privacy in your screen room.

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Our Screen Enclosure Services


We custom design and install your screen enclosure, tailoring it to your available space and your specific requirements.

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If your existing enclosure shows signs of wear and tear, we have the expertise to restore it to its prime condition.

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Update the look and functionality of your enclosure with fresh screens that enhance your outdoor experience.

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Regular maintenance ensures that your enclosure remains in top shape throughout the seasons, providing long-term value and enjoyment.

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Customization and Design

We understand that your screen enclosure should reflect your unique style and specific needs. We offer various customization options, including screen types, frame colors, and decorative elements. Our design experts will work closely with you to create a tailored solution that seamlessly complements your home and outdoor space.

The Lafferty Difference

At Lafferty Aluminum and Screening, we provide top-notch screen enclosures in Melbourne, FL, and nearby regions. Our skilled technicians work closely with you to create a personalized outdoor enclosure that meets your requirements.

Employing only the best quality materials and advanced techniques, we ensure every installation is robust and aesthetically pleasing. With our custom-built enclosures, you can confidently anticipate enjoying your backyard for many years.

For a professional screen enclosure installation in Melbourne, Florida, that sets us apart, connect with Lafferty Aluminum and Screening. Our expert staff is ready to assist in creating your ideal outdoor living space. Contact us now for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Screen Enclosure in Melbourne, FL.

What our clients say

Building Trust One Review at a Time

"Lafferty did an amazing job! We love our new screen. They were very professional and we had our finished screen before expected. We recommend Lafferty to everyone."

Andrea Durango

Valued Customer

Lafferty did an excellent job on our unconventional screening project. The office staff was responsive and friendly. From consultation to installation, all of our questions and concerns were addressed.


Valued Customer

"Lafferty did an excellent job installing our pool screens. The are prompt and keep you well informed concerning the job!  I would definitely hire Lafferty Screens again!!"

Gerald Patenaude

Valued Customer

"We are very satisfied with our new fence and work done by Lafferty Aluminum.  Quality, professionalism, and reliability working with Lafferty has been very good and I am happy we chose them."

Tony R

Valued Customer

"Lafferty was one of the easiest and smoothest company's to work with.  We are building our home and these guys were so customer friendly, answered all our questions, was available to take our call if we had questions."

R. Morris

Valued Customer

"Friendly service, professional attitude of employee, polite and they cleaned up as they worked.   We had our pool enclosed redone after hurricane damage and now it looks great. Thanks"

Norman Danella

Valued Customer

"Lafferty did a fantastic job from start to finish on the patio pavers and aluminum screening. They completed the project on time, and perhaps even a little ahead of schedule!"

Jennifer Rinehart

Valued Customer

"I couldn't be happier with the work performed by Lafferty.  They replaced my original screen house in February in a professional and timely manner.  I would highly recommend them for your screen enclosure needs."

Mike Barbagallo

Valued Customer
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